domingo, novembro 5

That american hanging mood

Sadam was not a decent law abiding citizen. He was a dreadful dictator, ruthless enemy of democracy, human rights, and more or less everything that should but is not respected worldwide. He was surely a criminal.

He was installed in power by the USA, some years ago, to start a war against Iran and to counter the Islamic fundamentalism. Most of his crimes agains the humanity were made during the time of american support, and with the american knowledge and consent. Just like other tyrants around the world (Noriega, Pinochet were other examples). Also Bin Laden and his organization were nursed by the CIA to fight the Russians in Afghanistan.

Now, he was condemned to be hang, by an American–lead court, for the killing of some less than two hundred people. Is this genocide? probably yes.

Of course, he should be condemned, but to prison – long prison – and not to death. Death penalty is an uncivilized and inadmissible practice, unaccepted by all civilized countries.

I expected this, anyway.

But that makes me wonder what would be the condemnation of President Bush, and his team, for the thousands of civilian killings, the unnumbered cases of torture, and the concentration camps like Guantanamo.

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