sábado, dezembro 23

Finally the constitucional project is back on trail

Finally. After much going around, somebody is seriously trying again. Angela Merkel will try - at least she says so - to put the European constitutional project back on trail. Member States will have to say what shall be cut or changed in order to revive it. The ratification process will preferably be done by Parliaments and not Referendums to avoid the «no» votes issued just for the political punishment of actual Governments (it happened in France). The new text will probably be much shorter, which is a good thing. Member States that have already ratified will hold a meeting in Madrid to put pressure on the others and make them feel uncomfortable for delaying everybody else.

These sure looks like good news. Problem is, some Member States will possibly still refuse. England ahead of all the others. Then, choices will have to be done. It’s inevitable that States still refusing to go along with the others will have to be left behind. Special association agreements can be signed with them.

Europe cannot wait anymore, any longer.